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Post-Cyberpunk Occult Ritual
Video recordings of full performance at 8static in Philadelphia, with Batsly Adams on visuals available here.

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gameboy cartridge Dirty ROM Dance Mix
gameboy cartridge Valentine Final
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gameboy cartridge Galaxy Tonite [DMG Version]

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Live Recordings
Collapsed Desires - Austin CDT Philadelphia 2010.06.12
Collapsed Desires - Austin CDT New York 2010.06.11
Collapsed Desires - Austin CDT Nashville 2010.06.09
Collapsed Desires - Austin CDT Austin 2010.06.06
Demos and Hacks
After Dark ...
Deadline Console Invitro
SARS Kung Fu

Graphics and Design
New York Romscapes
Tetrinet Skin Pack
NES Winamp Skin
Game Boy Photography

Documentation and Tutorials
NSF Playback Cartridge Guide
MCK/MML Beginners Guide
GameBoy Music Workshop: LSDJ