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Nullsleep is a musician and artist known for his use of obsolete consumer electronics and modular synthesizers to craft intense, visceral dance music. His compositions embrace the inherent limitations and failures of technology, occupying a space at the boundary between utopian and dystopian futures. In 1999 he founded 8bitpeoples, a collective of artists interested in the audio-visual aesthetics of early home computers and video game consoles. He tours extensively and has performed over 200 shows throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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2009.12.18 photo credit su1droot
2009.11.04 photo credit Marjorie Becker
2009.08.30 photo credit Marjorie Becker
2009.08.22 photo credit Joshua Davis

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Nullsleep/Starpause: Shadowtravel (Radiograffiti MP3/Vinyl)
Nullsleep: Unconditional Acceleration (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
Nullsleep: Electric Heart Strike (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
V/A: Getsumen To Heiki Mina Character Collection 4 (Aniplex CD)
V/A: 8-Bit Operators (Astralwerks CD)
V/A: 8BP050 (8bitpeoples 2xCD)
V/A: GB/V.A. (Intikrec CD)
V/A: Microdisko Vol.01 (Microdisko CD)
V/A: Dirty Soundtrack Vol.2 (d-i-r-t-y.com MP3)
Nullsleep: Depeche Mode Megamix (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
V/A: Sonic Rec Room (Codek Records CD)
Nullsleep: The Gameboy Singles 2002 (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
V/A: The 8bits of Christmas (8bitpeoples MP3)
V/A: VGM Mixtape #8 (NoSides Records CD)
V/A: Retork (Enough Records MP3)
V/A: Axel F (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
Nullsleep: Hello World (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
Nullsleep: Click Bleep Click (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
Nullsleep: Wooden Polyurethane Papers (8bitpeoples MP3/CD)
V/A: Colors (8bitpeoples CD)

Media Coverage
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