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Game Boy Photography
by Nullsleep

In 1998, Nintendo released a camera attachment for the original Game Boy handheld. The Game Boy Camera has a resolution of 128×112 pixels and can capture 2-bit images (4-color greyscale). During 2000 and 2001 I often carried one around and took snapshots while traveling, during live shows, or just hanging out with friends. Below are a number of different photo collections from during that time period.

2002.10.09 LIVE @ Remote Lounge
2002.05.00 The Zynth80 Project
2001.12.25 Christmas 2001
2001.11.23 Another CircuitBurglars Practice
2001.11.16 2 Years Together
2001.11.13 WBAR Radiothon
2001.11.10 CircuitBurglars Practice
2001.11.01 The Upgrade with Cory Arcangel
2001.09.02 LIVE @ Millenium Sci-Fi Convention
2001.08.19 The Bronx Zoo
2001.08.11 LIVE @ Vent.LI
2001.06.22 Montreal Trip

Special thanks go out to drx for his Game Boy Camera howto page, and his own inspirational lo-fi photography!

CircuitBurglars Never Die

Greyscale Clouds