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GR_DIUS is a Gradius ROM hack which removes all traces of the player from the game. There is no ship to be seen, no bullets, and no additional weapons or shields. The only evidence still hinting at your possible presence are the residual effects on the waves of enemies as they rush through empty space. The ROM contained in the zip file below should be playable on any NES emulator or on the actual NES hardware itself (with some simple cartridge hacking). Alternately, you can download the IPS patch below and apply it to the original Gradius yourself. Released and placed 2nd in the Wild Compo at Blockparty 2007. Watch a video of the first stage.

Download Patched ROM (.ZIP)
Download IPS Patch (.ZIP)

gradius cartridge

Greets go out to Jason Scott and all the guys who were at Blockparty 2007.

GR_DIUS screenshot #1

GR_DIUS screenshot #2