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SARS Kung Fu
by Nullsleep

The SARS Kung Fu hack is a simple modification to the tileset of the CHR ROM for the original game. The rom contained in the zip file below should be playable on any NES emulator or on the actual NES hardware itself (with some simple cartridge hacking). Alternately, you can download the IPS patch below and apply it to the original Kung Fu ROM yourself. To modify the graphics of the game, the 8x8 pixel tiles that represent each characters face were found and individually edited to add the protective masks. Following the 8K of used space in the CHR ROM there were 3 more identical copies of the first tileset, adding up to 24K of space to do with as I pleased. So, I also took advantage of this additional unused space in the CHR ROM to hide some special bonus data. Happy Hacking!

Download Patched ROM (.ZIP)
Download IPS Patch (.ZIP)

kung fu cartridge

Special thanks go out to Memblers of NesDev for compiling the best NES programming docs all in one place, Cory Arcangel for some of my first hands-on ROM hacking experience, and all of the guys in #nesdev.

SARS kung fu screenshot #1

SARS kung fu screenshot #2