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After Dark ...
by x|k and Nullsleep

The 8bitpeoples' first demo, released at Deadline Console in 2004. A custom graphics control extension for the MCK sound driver, called NESFX, was written by the super-talented x|k for this project. The soundtrack, Destination Tomorrow is a rocking collaboration between x|k and myself done by passing an MML file back and forth during the week or so leading up to the party. The integration of the graphics control into MCK allows for a really tight sync between the music and the tile-based madness on screen, resulting in a pretty unique "rave" demo, as some have referred to it. This demo was developed on real hardware from the beginning and may not run correctly in emulators. If you must use an emulator, VirtuaNES is recommended.

Download ROM (.ZIP)
Download DivX (.ZIP)

development cartridge

Special thanks go out to Psychad, Retro and everyone else that made Deadline Console a great party, x|k for killer code and just being rad, and Andy Gunn for hacking together a replacement devcart the same day as my flight to Sweden.

SARS kung fu screenshot #1

SARS kung fu screenshot #2