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Deadline Console Invitro
by Opius and Nullsleep

The 8bitpeoples' invitro for the Deadline Console party in 2004. The masterful Opius handling the coding with my own Galaxy Tonite providing the soundtrack. This invitro was put together in somewhat of a rush (what else is new?) before the party, however it was only right for a console-based demoparty to have an invitro written for the NES. Featuring a lone starfighter blazing through a scrolling starfield on his way to spread the NES scene spirit across the galaxy. How could you miss out on a party like this?!

Download ROM (.ZIP)

development cartridge

Special thanks go out to Psychad, Retro and everyone else that made Deadline Console a great party, Opius himself for being a great boozing buddy to share a table with at the party, and all of the guys in #8bitpeoples.

SARS kung fu screenshot #1

SARS kung fu screenshot #2