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Tetrinet Skins: GB/GBC/NES/ARCADE
by Nullsleep

Tetrinet is a wonderful program that lets you play Tetris with other people across a network. Additionally, its skinnable, and creating new skins is very simple. So here are a few skins I put together based off some of my favorite incarnations of Tetris: the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Arcade versions. Drop some science!

Download Tetrinet Skin Pack (.ZIP)
Download the Client (Tetrinet.org)
Special thanks go out to mikrosopht for introducing me to tetrinet and providing me with the initial motivation to make these skins, and for the countless hours we spent together dropping serious tetris science on unsuspecting fools.

NOTE: Mess with the best, die like the rest.

Game Boy
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy Color
GameBoy Color