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Hardware by Andy Gunn, Erik Czernikowski, Peter Drembelas
Software by Olga Zaitseva, Jeremiah Johnson

The Zynth80 is a polyphonic midi-controlled analogue synthesizer built upon the Z80 microprocessor. Sound is generated by a set of 3 VCOs, each with a selection of 4 different waveforms: sine, square, triangle and sawtooth. A single VCF offers adjustable resonance and cutoff capabilities. The control box offers 2 knobs for controlling the filter settings, as well as a 3rd knob for adjusting the pulsewidth of the VCOs. Additionally, a series of switches is present for selecting the waveforms and activating sync. The Zynth80 is an 8bit monster that wails hard.

Download Zynth80 Documentation (.PDF)

Z80 Kit

Special thanks Nerdasaurus Ray Wilson for his DIY synth schematics which we used extensively. Greets to everyone in the team for being totally insane and spending a week living in the microprocessor lab.

Zynth80 Project Board

Zynth80 Control Box