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Nintendo Entertainment System
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An NES sound driver written by Izumi with MML (music macro language) converter by Manbow-J. The most flexible solution for writing your own NES tunes. Best choice for control freaks.

A new Windows based tracker for composing NES music, written by JSR. Still in development, but already full of features and very easy to use. Probably the best choice for beginners.

Nerdtracker II
The first tracker specifically made for composing NES tunes, written by Bananmos. It is a DOS based tracker and lacks some basic features, nevertheless it is quite useable.

Winamp plugin for playback of NSF files. Others such as Nosefart, NEZplug, and Festalon exist, however this is my current plugin of choice. Fairly accurate sound emulation.

My NES emulator of choice. Offers fairly accurate and speedy emulation across the boards. Also features the handy ability to playback NSF files directly.
Nintendo Game Boy
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My Game Boy tracker of choice, and probably my favorite tracker of all time. Written by Johan Kotlinski, it is beautifully designed and simply rocks for chiptracking on the go.

A synthesizer and sequencer for the Nintendo Game Boy, written by Oliver Wittchow. Capable of generating very distinctive sounds with a more abstract user interface.

Carillon Editor
Another nice tracker that runs natively on the GB. Written by Aleksi Eeben, lacks some of the smoothness of design that LSDJ has, but its more suited for use in GB demo production.

P5 Beyond Tracker
A tracker for writing GB tunes that runs on the PC with an interface similar to Screamtracker. You will need P5's replay routines for playback on an actual GB.

My new GameBoy emulator of choice. Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy emulator available for PC / Linux / Mac. Probably as close to the real thing as you can get.